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If you want plenty of beer to make an event special, why not have one of our casks delivered to your door.

A party pack is either a firkin (approx 70 pints) or a pin (approx 35 pints) of Hammerpot award winning, handcrafted, cask conditioned beer.

Your beer comes either as a standard cask or as ‘bright’ beer, ready to drink immediately. Standard cask conditioned beer needs to settle in place at yours for a few hours before drinking, but will last a few days. Bright beer is ready to drink and will last 24 hours, fine if you and your guests will drink it all in one evening!

We supply a stillage to place the cask on and a tap for you to pour the beer from, plus your own pump clip, bar towel and beer mats.

All you need to do is knock the tap in the cask and then pour it out. We will collect the casks, stillage and tap the week after the event.

Below are our standard beers and prices but we have many other specials and one off brews over the year so call us to discuss which ales you prefer, to help make an event to be remembered.


Beer Firkin Pin
Shooting Star £100 £60
Hammerpot Pale Ale / Mosaic Pale £100 £60
Red Hunter £100 £60
Brighton Belle £110 £65
Madgwick Gold £110 £65

Delivery is free within a 10 mile radius of the brewery and 40p per mile thereafter.

Shipping Rate: